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December 8, 2023

Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda. Trócaire has been operating in Rwanda since 1994 and its office is located in BHC Building, 260 Bvd de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru.

Supply Chain & Logistics Handbook – Appendix 9

       Request for Tender (RFT)

Trócaire Rwanda invites tenders for the provision of services –Strengthening Resource Mobilization Capacities for Partners.  Renderers’ must demonstrate that they have the resources and expertise to supply the services required.

Tender Release Date: 29/09/2023

Deadline for tender submission: (5pm/13/October/2023)

  1. Introduction

Tenders are invited from suppliers who wish to be considered for selection as the supplier of below services to Trócaire.

This tender document deals with:

  • Section 2 : Confidentiality
  • Section 3 : Profile of Trócaire
  • Section 4: Context of work
  • Section 5: Objectives
  • Section 6 : Scope of the service required
  • Section 7: Reporting
  • Section 8: Deliverables
  • Section 9: Experience & skills
  • Section 10 : Content and format of Tenders
  • Section 11 : General Terms and Conditions
  • Section 12: Conflict of Interest
  • Section 13 : Safeguarding
  • Section 14: Selection criteria
  • Section 15 : Intellectual property
  • Section 16 : Termination of Contract
  • Section 17 : Submission of Tenders
  • Section 18: Appendices

  1. Confidentiality

Trócaire will treat the content of all tenders as strictly confidential, and information provided in the tenders will be used solely for the purpose of deciding on the award of a contract as described in this document.

  1. Profile of Trócaire

Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda. Trócaire has been operating in Rwanda since 1994 and is currently focusing on 3 strategic areas: Resource Rights, Women’s Empowerment, and localisation& partnership. More information about Trócaire can be found on http://www.trocaire.org/

Trócaire has worked in partnership with local organisations in the countries where we work for 50 years. As a partnership agency, Trócaire is committed to the ‘Localisation of Aid’ agenda  that has been at the forefront of humanitarian discourse since the World Humanitarian Summit, 2016. Trócaire Rwanda Country Programmes support localisation in four key areas: 1) increasing voice and influence of local actors, 2) capacity strengthening, 3) improved quality of partnerships, and 4) increased access to funding and resources.

  1. Context of work

One of the central pillars of the localisation agenda is the commitment to increasing funding and resources for local and national NGOs (L/NNGOs). This is essential to improving the financial viability and sustainability of L/NNGOs. To deliver on this, Trócaire has adopted a proactive approach to supporting L/NNGOs to access funding as directly as possible from both in-country and overseas donors. This involves supporting L/NNGOs to develop their organisational capacities for Resource Mobilisation through workshops, trainings and tailored follow-up support.

In keeping with this pillar, and with the longer-term objectives of the localisation agenda to increasing funding and resources to local and national actors, Trócaire is looking to conduct a training workshop on Resource Mobilisation for its partners. A consultant is being sought to prepare the relevant resources and deliver the training.

  1. Objectives

The objective of the consultancy is to deliver a training workshop on Resource Mobilisation for our partners, with an overall goal of strengthening their resource mobilisation capacity and sustainability prospects. The specific objectives of the training are as follows–

  1. To equip our partners with the skills and provide the necessary follow-up support and coaching to develop a Resource Mobilisation Strategy for their organisations.
  2. To equip our partners with effective grant proposal writing skills
  3. To help our partners come up with capacity statements tailored to donors’ requirements
  4. To help our partners come up with donor landscape analysis and donor mapping
  5. To enable our partners to build strong consortia and explore the opportunities and challenges of working in consortium 
  6. Scope of services required.

The consulting firm/consultant will be expected to support the design, adjust current content material, deliver the training on Resource Mobilisation, and provide coaching afterward, with support and guidance from Trócaire’s Partnership and Localisation Unit in Rwanda. 

The training is to be delivered as a full day in-person, interactive workshop over 3 days in Kigali. 

The consulting firm/consultant is expected to include the following components: 


  • Review and refine Trócaire’s existing RM training materials as necessary, in response to any specific feedback or needs identified by partners organisations.
  • Prepare the pedagogy and session plan for the delivery of the training modules in consultation with Trócaire’s  Localisation & Partnership Manager and Business Development and Grants Manager.
  • Prepare for the delivery of the sessions which the consultant will be leading on, as agreed
  • To identify relevant funding opportunities (in-country and global) for Rwandan L/NNGOs including donors that are interested in directly funding local organisations both as donors and as partners.
  • Participate in preparation meetings with Trócaire team as required
  • Become familiar with current donor landscape changes and commmitment e.g: C4C, Grand Bargain, Localisation Agenda, etc. 

During the Training

  • Facilitate the training during sessions (as agreed with your co-facilitator) in person at the designated workshop venue in Kigali.
  • Provide individualised feedback to participants on their work/outputs during the workshop.

After the Training

  • Prepare the training report detailing the agenda, materials, pedagogy, participants and outcomes
  • Support participating organisations to complete the development of their organisational Resource Mobilisation Strategies, Capacity Statements and Donor Mapping.

  1. Reporting

The consulting firm/consultant will be expected to submit a brief report outlining the support provided, any lessons learned and recommendations, as well as any resulting tools/templates/materials deployed during the consultancy. 

  1. Deliverables

The assignment will have the following deliverables:

  • Contextualised and relevant training materials prepared, including session plans with notes for facilitators and relevant instructions on pedagogy.
  • 3-day in-person practical training workshop conducted in Kigali.
  • Organisation-specific feedback provided on all tasks/assignments given during the workshop.
  • Resource Mobilisation strategies developed for all participating organisations –12 IF strategies developed for partners
  • Capacity statements developed for 4 chosen partner organisations and coaching – 4 capacity statements developed for partners
  • Coaching and follow up including donor mapping developed for 4 chosen partner organisations – 4 donor mapping developed for partners
  • Brief assignment report capturing highlights, lessons learned, recommendations, participant lists and relevant resources/materials.

We are looking for this assignment to be completed before 31st December 2023. 

  1. Experience and Skills

The consultants/Consulting companies should possess:

  • Third level qualification in Development, Humanitarian or related field of study
  • Minimum of 6 years’ experience working in international development and the humanitarian sector
  • Experience of proposal and report writing for major international donors
  • Proven track record of securing institutional funding from successful grant applications
  • Experience of managing grants financed by the donors
  • Project cycle management using results frameworks and/ or logical frameworks
  • Experience working with international and national partner organisations
  • Training/capacity building in a multi-cultural environment
  • In depth knowledge of managing grants and contractual requirements of institutional donors.
  • Excellent budget analysis and budget development skills.
  • Experience of working with partners and good understanding of partnership approach
  • Proven strategic thinking and planning skills, including ability to think creatively, analyse and be innovative, set priorities, manage work plans and evaluate progress
  • Ability to work in complex settings, with experience of distance/remote management preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to lead & work in a team
  • Excellent and proven organisational skills
  • Highly developed relationship, negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent facilitation & capacity building skills and experience of applying them when working with individual partners or groups of partners
  • Excellent written, oral and presentational communications skills
  • Computer literacy skills in word, excel and internet/email 
  1. Content and Format of Tenders

Consultants/Consulting companies submitting EOIs should submit the following:

  • Technical bid showing clear understanding of the scope of assignment and examples of similar assignments done before.
  • Financial bid with clear breakdown of costs in RWF, USD or Euro.
  • VAT Registration and Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Payment terms and pricing structure.
  • Proposed turnaround time
  • Contact details of 3 references.
  • Proof of registration
  • Contacts of account relationship manager(s) proposed.

Interested registered consulting firms should demonstrate relevant experience in the following areas:

  • Participatory training methodologies.
  • Strong background and experience of working in the country and programme context.
  • Good command of English, French and Kinyarwanda with ability to present and moderate discussions in any of these languages; and
  • Working within agreed deadlines while producing high quality work output. 
  1. General Terms and Conditions of this RFT 
  • Trócaire does not bind itself to accept the lowest priced tender.
  • Trócaire does not guarantee exclusivity and reserves the right to engage other companies for the same services (if required) during the term of the contract.
  • Trócaire shall be free to
    • To accept the whole, or part only, of any tender;
    • To accept none of the proposals tendered;
    • To republish this Request for Tenders.
  • In the event of not accepting any of the tender submissions received on foot of this RFT, Trócaire shall be free to make such arrangements as it considers necessary in relation to the provision of the goods/services.
  • Trócaire will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred in the preparation of a tender.
  • The Contract shall be considered as a contract made in Rwandaaccording to Rwanda law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rwandan courts.
  • The Standard Terms and Conditions to which Trócaire expects all of its supplier to respect is attached in Appendix 1.
  • The Suppliers Code of Conduct to which Trócaire expects all of its suppliers to respect is attached in Appendix 2 
  1. Conflicts of interest 

Any conflicts interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to Trócaire. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an applicant or invalidate an award of the contract. Applicants are required to declare any current or past work which might reasonably be considered to represent a conflict of interest. It will be for Trócaire to decide if a material conflict of interest exists and applicants in doubt in this regard should seek the advice of Trócaire. Conflict of interest statement: Applicants should state clearly whether they have an actual or potential conflict of interest with the staff, volunteers, and/or board of Trócaire.

  1. Safeguarding 

Trócaire is committed to safeguarding Programme participants from any form of exploitation or abuse as a result of our programmes or activities.  Anyone working for or on behalf of Trócaire must share this commitment. Trócaire’s Position Statement on Exploitation and Abuse and Trócaire’s Child Safeguarding Policy Summary document outline expectations in this regard, including a Code of Conduct.   All consultants, representatives, and volunteers of Trócaire will be expected to sign these documents along with a Declaration Form and a Self-Declaration Form. All consultants who work for Trócaire will be required to sign and abide by Trócaire’s official position statement on exploitation and abuse, including zero-tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse. 

  1. Selection criteria

The consultant will be selected according to the following criteria: 

  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference.
  • Proposed methodology and planning of the assignment.
  • Proven experience in Strengthening Resource Mobilisation Capacities through training and coaching for NGOs.
  • At least 3 certificates of good completion of services for similar work with international organizations, donor organizations or government agencies delivered in the last 2 years.
  • Overall quality of the proposal; and Cost.
  1. Intellectual Property

Any concept, guidelines or other material developed during the contract will be considered the property of Trócaire and may be used by Trócaire at any time.

  1. Termination of Contract 
  • Trócaire reserves the right to terminate the contract at any stage on payment of reasonable and agreed costs accrued to the date of termination. The contract may be terminated by either party on giving appropriate written notice.
  • If at any stage during the contract, the goods / services delivered by the tenderer is found to be unsatisfactory, the contract may be terminated by Trócaire. In the event of such a termination, the tenderer will only be entitled to receive payment in relation to the acceptable goods / services rendered at that time.

  1. Submission of Tenders

Your proposal marked “EOI to Strengthen Resource Mobilization Capacities for Partners” should be submitted ONLY through email on inforwanda@trocaire.org and cc: christian.kitumaini@trocaire.org.  Any queries relating to this Request for Bids should be directed by e-mail to inforwanda@trocaire.org and cc: christian.kitumaini@trocaire.org

The financial proposal should be inclusive of tax and quoted in Rwandan Francs (RWF), USD or Euro clearly indicating the services/goods in the subject heading. Only suitably qualified local/international consulting firms will be contacted for further engagement.

The deadline for the receipt of bids is 5PM 13 October 2023

  1. Appendices

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